About Me

Hello! I’m Dr. Hammoudeh S. Alamri, a passionate software engineer and educator based in Amman, Jordan. I currently serve as an Assistant Professor at Isra University, where I share my expertise and enthusiasm for cutting-edge technology and software development with my students.

My Academic Background

I began my academic journey in software engineering at Yarmouk University in Jordan, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. I continued my education at Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) in Malaysia, obtaining both a Master of Science and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Software Engineering.

My research throughout my graduate studies has spanned several advanced areas of technology. I have dedicated significant efforts to the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning, exploring how these technologies can be leveraged to create smarter and more efficient software systems. Additionally, I have focused on optimization techniques that enhance algorithm performance and cybersecurity measures that protect against modern digital threats. My foundational work in software engineering continues to address how these technologies can be integrated into software development processes to produce reliable, secure, and cutting-edge software solutions.

Professional Experience

Prior to my academic appointment, I held key leadership roles in the tech industry. As the CEO of TMApp LLC in Kuwait, I led the company through innovative projects and growth phases. Earlier in my career, I served as CTO, where I was not only responsible for strategic technological direction but also deeply involved in hands-on development.

My extensive experience as a developer has seen me work across multiple platforms and programming languages. I have proficient knowledge in Java, .NET, Dart, Flutter, Kotlin, Objective-C, Swift, PHP, and C/C++. My skills cover a range of applications from mobile development in both Android and iOS environments to complex web and database solutions.

These roles have equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of the software development lifecycle and have honed my abilities in designing, developing, and deploying sophisticated software solutions. My commitment to excellence in software development is matched by my dedication to mentoring and leading teams towards achieving technological innovation and operational efficiency.

Research and Publications

Beyond my professional and academic roles, I’m an avid researcher and contributor to the field of software engineering, with a notable presence on Google Scholar. My work aims to bridge practical development challenges with academic theory, preparing the next generation of software engineers to make meaningful contributions to our digital world.

Contact Me

I invite you to explore my work or reach out if you’re interested in collaboration or learning more about my research and teaching methodologies.